4Load Charge Box 7.0 Heavy Duty Battery Charger
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4Load Charge Box 7.0 Heavy Duty Battery Charger

4Load Charge Box 7.0 Heavy Duty Battery Charger

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Product Information

The strongest 4Load version, the Charge Box 7.0 is particularly suitable for motor homes, buses, trucks, agricultural machinery, boats and heavy plant with capacities from 14 Ah to 230 Ah and 14 Ah to 120 Ah.

The 4Load power version 7.0 can be switched from 12V to 24V and is as easy to use as the Charge Box 3.6.

With the Charge Box 7.0 batteries can be loaded more easily than ever before. The Charge Box 7.0 offers precise and therefore correct charging tension whilst remaining fully automatic

Charge Box 7.0 offers protection against overheating and voltage reversal, Short circuits and dangerous spark discharge are also things of the past.

4Load Charge Boxes guarantee safety under all conditions of use. They are dust and splash-proof, according to IP65 and therefore robust, long-lived and uncomplicated to use. 4Load Charge Boxes represent the very latest in charging technology and are small, quick and very easy to use.

Click here to watch our quick video review of the chargebox 3.6 and 7.0 or scroll down to watch the full product video

- suitable for all 12V & 24V lead acid batteries (also GEL and AGM)
- fully automatic loading proceedings
- precise loading control with micro processor
- LED loading status indication
- exact and correct loading tension
- protection against overheating
- protection against voltage reversal
- controlled loading for optimal battery duration
- spark free
- Charge Box 3.6 and 7.0 are free of dust and spray discharge (IP65)
- extensive attachments: pole pliers, eyelet terminals and 12V plug
- pulse charging/trickle charging/constant charge function
- complete with carry case & full instructions

Additional InformationUK Rectangle 3 Pin Plug

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