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"Our staff are expertly trained, highly motivated & passionate about providing you with the best online shopping experience possible. Our team of experts are the cornerstone to the success of the business" - Ciaran Crean (CEO)

Customer Service

  • Role: Customer service representative. Likes: ethnic food, travel. Dislikes: Theme parks. Hero: Donald Duck. Dream car: Volkswagen Beetle, Citroen 2CV. Coffee consumption 1-5: 5
    Michele Boni
  • Role: Customer service German market. Likes: (loooves) Chocolate. Dislikes: Curries, people who think they can drive but really can't (road rage). Claim to fame: once took part in a Spencer Tunick fotoshoot :). Hero: My Dad. Dream car: Audi R8. Coffee consumption 1-5: 1
    Josefine Bertello
  • Role: Customer Service - Customer queries by phone, email and live chat, order status updates, advising of parts suitability for customer applications. Likes: Cars from the 70's and 80's. Dislikes: Bagpipes. Claim to fame: I interrupted Max Biaggi in the middle of contract negotiations for a photograph. Hero: Martin Finnegan, #45. Dream car: Ford Escort XR3, Essex all the way! Coffee consumption 1-5: 1
    Colin Mooney
  • Role: Customer Service Representative. Pre Sale and After Sale customer service. English and Polish speaking customers. Likes: Mountain Biking Enduro and DH. Dislikes: dark chocolate.Absolutely hate it. Claim to fame: None I am afraid. Hero: Steve Peat (multiple DH champion and MTB racer). Dream Car: Dodge RAM Hemi. Coffee consumption 1-5: 3 coffee per day
    Pawel Wientzek
  • Role: Customer Service Representative. Likes: Movies & Pubs. Dislikes: Dolls & Clowns. Claim to fame: Met Tim Curry in New York. Hero: Henry Cavill (he can save me any day). Dream car: Mustang. Coffee consumption 1-5: Don't drink Coffee
    Louise Kavanagh
  • Role: Customer Service Representative. Likes: Bridget Jones Diary. Dislikes: When your tongue gets stuck to really cold things. Claim to Fame: Invited Russell Crowe round to our house for Bacon and Cabbage. Hero: Justin Bieber. Dream Car: Ferrari 458. Coffee consumption 1-5: 5
    Danny Scully
  • Role: Customer Service Representative. Likes: Captain Morgan. Dislikes: Captain Birdseye. Claim to Fame: I’m the head off Zach Galifianakis. Hero: Horatio Nelson. Dream Car: Mr Boomhaur’s swamp buggy. Coffee consumption 1-5: 4
    Chris Scully


  • Role: Warehouse Operative. Likes: Cars and football Dislikes: Everything else Claim to Fame: No Claim Hero: Glen Dunne. Dream Car: Mercedez-Benz SLS AMG. Coffee consumption 1-5: 1
    Ciaran Duggan
  • Role: Warehouse operative. Likes: Cars with turbo’s. Dislikes: Cars that don’t have turbo’s. Claim to Fame: know all the dance moves to Gangnam Style. Hero: Jesus. Dream Car: The Mystery Machine. Coffee consumption 1-5: 0
    Tom Joyce
  • Role: Warehouse Operative / Forklift Driver. Likes: Beer, travelling. Dislikes: Spinach. Claim to Fame: None. Hero: Pope John Paul 2nd Dream Car: Maserati. Coffee consumption 1-5: 2
    Krystian Lasica
  • Role: Warehouse Manager & Minister for shipping. Likes: Long walks & blustery days. Dislikes: objects that can’t be stacked. Claim to Fame: Won a golden ticket in a Wonka bar once. Hero: Mo Farah. Dream Car: The ‘A’ Team Van. Coffee consumption 1-5: 3
    Danny McGurran
  • Role: Warehouse operative. Likes: Football & kebabs. Dislikes: The 3 o'clock slump. Claim to Fame: I acted as David Hasslehoffs body guard for a day. Hero: Jeremy Clarkson. Dream Car: Bugatti Veyron. Coffee consumption 1-5: 4
    Elvir Sitnica


  • Role: Senior developer. Likes: Spanish food. Dislikes: Fast food & hypocrisy Claim to Fame: I cooked a 4 kilos spanish omelette (it was gigantic & it tasted fantastic).Hero: Everyone who gives up their own time to help people in need. Dream Car: One that is 100 % Ecological. Coffee consumption 1-5: 3
    Paco Belso
  • Role: Marketing Systems Data Analyst Developer. Likes: The Safe Cross Code and a good pair of wiper blades. Dislikes: Public transport and people who fidget. Claim to Fame: Met the Foo Fighters in a bar and asked if they were in a band...Epic Fail. Hero: David Attenborough. Dream Car: A sensible, economical car with 5 doors and a spacious boot or an Audi R8. Coffee consumption 1-5: easily 6 cups!
    Lisa Carrol
  • Role: Category Specialist Likes: The Good Life. Dislikes: The Bad Life. Claim to fame: being bald and rocking it. Hero: Mr Pagani. Dream car: Pagani Zonda 760RS. Coffee consumption 1-5: 5
    Chris Driver
  • Role: CEO. Likes: Relaxing with the kids, Reading, 5-a side, running. Dislikes: Running (its a love / hate thing). Claim to Fame: 3 bungee jumps in one hour. Hero: the Voyager 1 spacecraft - keep going! Dream Car: Tesla S. Coffee consumption 1-5: Don't touch it but might start soon!
    Ciaran Crean
  • Role: Mick
    Mick Crean
  • Role: User Experience - badgering developers and pixel pushing. Likes: Beards, Coffee. Dislikes: Questionnaires, over simplification. Claim to Fame: Punching Phil Collins in the face. Hero: Nicolas Parsons. Dream Car: 1970 Citroën DS. Coffee consumption 1-5: 42
    Alan Crotty
  • Role: System/ Network admin. Likes: Sport (referee in soccer), travel, music, and so on.Dislikes: Mondays and rain. Claim to Fame: organised 6 concerts of Latvian bands in Dublin. Dream Car: Jaguar X400 2,5L V6. Coffee consumption 1-5: 1
    Arturs Giriks
  • Role: Web Manager/Senior Developer. Likes: Anything aviation related. Dislikes: Hangovers. Claim to Fame: Played rugby with Ralf Little. Hero: Newton. Dream Car: Aston Martin DB9. Coffee consumption 1-5: 2
    Jay Hollingum
  • Role: Content Specialist - Camera Monkey, Video Nerd, Effects Ninja. Likes: Outdoor Adventuring, Video Games, Car-Crash Compilations on Youtube. Dislikes: Marmite with crumbs in it, Marmite without crumbs in it. Claim to Fame: Got chosen to go On-Air for a 98fm competition (didn't win).Hero: Neil Armstrong. Dream Car: DeLorean DMC-12 with full BTTF bodykit. Coffee consumption 1-5: 3.14159265359
    Rob Hunt
  • Role: Accountant, need I say more?. Likes: Music, Running. Dislikes: Robbie Savage. Claim to Fame: Couple of TV appearances. Hero: Casey Ryback, what a man. Dream Car: Audi R8. Coffee consumption 1-5: 1
    John Keogh
  • Role: Content Manager - Writer of blogs, social media updater, video person, up-loader of images and lister of products. Likes: Fast cars. Dislikes: Buses and marzipan. Claim to fame: Once beat Jenson Button in a kart race (but I don't like to mention it). Hero: Gilles Villeneuve. Dream Car: Ferrari 250GTO. Coffee consumption 1-5: 4
    Rob King
  • Role: Senior Developer. Likes: Beer and sports and all points in between. Dislikes: The Office Flies. Claim to Fame: Beat David Coulthard’s cousin in a kart race once. She was ok with it though. Hero: Jimmy Page. Dream Car: Trabant 601 Deluxe. Coffee consumption 1-5: 4.5
    Derek Lyons
  • Role: Category Specialist. Likes: Rear Wheel Drive Cars, Shoes, Chocolate. Dislikes: Windy days, Wasps. Claim to Fame: Once asked Keith Duffy for a table in a restaurant (whoops). Hero: My Big Brother. Dream Car: Ferrari 458. Tea consumption 1-5: 5
    Amy Maher
  • Role: Procurement Manager - Fancy word for Purchaser of stuff!! Likes: Sport , Beer & Gigs. Dislikes: Anything that doesn't involve Sport, Beer & Gigs. Claim to Fame: Asked Helena Dokic (tennis player) out on a date- inexplicably she said NO! Hero: Childhood hero : Kenny Dalglish , Real hero : My Dad. Dream Car: Aston Martin DB5 with Heidi Klum in the passenger seat :-). Coffee consumption 1-5: 1
    Gary Mooney
  • Role: Purchasing Specialist. Likes: Football & Music & Vintage Lambretta Scooters. Dislikes: Cricket & Telly soaps. Claim to fame: Once ate 3 Chinese Take-aways in one day (but I don't like to mention it). Hero: Paul Weller. Dream car: Nissan Micra (K12) 2001 (Well - at least it's an upgrade!) / Audi RS8. Coffee consumption 1-5: 4.999
    William Monahan
  • Role: Channel Manager -- Data Juggling in Pigeon English -- Manage all sales channels except Micksgarage core sites. Likes: Red Wine and Rugby. Dislikes: Too much unnatural heat and Plastic Bottle Caps. Claim to Fame: I kissed Carmen Electra. Hero: BOD and Becks. Dream Car: Aston Martin DB9 or 63 Mustang.
    Vinny O'Brien
  • Role: Office Mgr / HR / Accounts. Likes: Expensive Guitars. Dislikes: Spiders. Claim to Fame: Blondie gave me an autograph and then nicked my Sharpie. Hero: Deborah Harry. Dream Car: One with a 7 year warranty! Coffee consumption 1-5: 1
    Gillian Purcell
  • Role: .NET Developer - desktop software, handheld software, website development. Likes: computer games, movies, music. Dislikes: bad computer games, bad movies, bad music. Claim to Fame: never failed knowledge based exam/test. Hero: None. Dream Car: Audi TT. Coffee consumption 1-5: 0
    Marek Siadul
  • Role: Marketing Guru. Likes: Arsenal, building lego and a having a nice cup of tae. Dislikes: Cucumber, idiot drivers & alarm clocks. Claim to Fame: Scored a penalty against Packie Bonner at an FAI Summer Soccer Camp, top corner - beaut!. Hero: My Grandad Johnny - an old school serial entrepreneur! Dream Car: Aston Martin DB5. Coffee consumption 1-5: 2
    John Smyth
  • Role: eCommerce God. Likes: Fast Cars, BBQs, Red Meat (raw), Chopping Wood in my vest and drinking lemonade. Dislikes: I'm a lover, not a hater. Claim to Fame: Halloween 1933 I dressed up as a monkey and climbed the empire state building. Hero: Charles Manson. Dream Car: Reliant Robin. Coffee consumption 1-5: 10
    Elvedin Velic
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